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Backflow Testing

About Backflow Control Devices

Ensuring that the water in your home is safe to drink is of the utmost importance. It is for this reason that it is vital to have a backflow control device installed in every home. However, there are times when backflow devices fail and need repair or replacing. If you feel that the water that you are drinking may be contaminated, then it is critical that you contact Lance Maxwell Plumbing for an immediate assessment.

A Lance Maxwell Plumber will be able to run a variety of tests to find out if there are elevated levels of contaminants in your drinking water. While on call, we will inspect every part of the backflow system, including the valves, vacuum breakers, and other important components. In addition, we will make sure that the pressure levels are within a safe range.

Need Backflow Testing?

If you reside in the Orange Park or Jacksonville area, and you would like to have an assessment done on your homes backflow control unit, please contact a Lance Maxwell Plumbing representative and they will be able to answer your questions and set you up with an appointment for a backflow assessment.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?

If you need help with your Backflow Testing or any other plumbing problem please call us at (904) 458-3020 or fill out the form below. One of our friendly plumbers will contact you expeditiously.

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