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Slab Leaks

Detecting a Slab Leak

There are few problems that homeowners dread more than having a slab leak. A slab leak can cause an increase in utility bills and, in the end, it could compromise the integrity of your home. Some of the most prominent indicators of a slab leak include the sound of running water beneath the concrete, visible cracks in the floor or walls, or the excessive buildup of mold and mildew. If these issues are left unresolved, the results can be catastrophic and may result in very costly repairs.

Thankfully, the seasoned professionals at Lance Maxwell Plumbing can come into your home and assess the situation. If you notice any of the warning signs of a leaking slab, do not hesitate to call immediately. Once the scope of the problem has been determined, we will go about fixing the leak with as little disruption to the surrounding area as possible.

Put Your Trust In Lance Maxwell Plumbing

Since 1994, residents in Jacksonville, Oakleaf, and Orange Park have been trusting Lance Maxwell Plumbing to solve all of their plumbing issues, including slab leaks. With over 20 years of experience, there is no issue that we haven’t encountered before, so you can rest assured that the job will be completed properly and efficiently. If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to call and one of our representatives will be glad to assist you in meeting your needs.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?

If you need help with your Slab Leaks or any other plumbing problem please call us at (904) 458-3020 or fill out the form below. One of our friendly plumbers will contact you expeditiously.

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